ml, mlmgr, mlowner – unmoderated mailing lists

upas/mlmgr –c listname

upas/mlmgr –ar listname address

upas/ml [ –r replyto–address ] addressfile listname

upas/mlowner addressfile listname

Mlmgr creates and updates unmoderated mailing lists. The –c option creates mail directories for both listname and listname–owner, each containing a pipeto file. Messages mailed to listname are sent to all members of the mailing list. Any Reply–to: and Precedence: fields are removed from the messages and new ones are added directing replies to listname and specifying bulk precedence. The envelope address for error replies is set to /dev/null.

The mailing list membership is the file /mail/box/listname/address–list. This file is an add/remove log. Each line represents a single address. Lines beginning with a hash (#) are comments. Lines beginning with an exclamation point (!) are removals. All other lines are additions.

Addition and removal entries can be appended using the –a and –r options to mlmgr. However, they are normally appended as a consequence of user requests.

To be added or removed from the list, a user may send a message to listname–owner containing a key word in the header or body. The key words are:
subscribe – add my From: address to the list
remove – remove my From: address from the list
unsubscribe – remove my From: address from the list

Addition and removal events cause notification messages to be sent to the added/removed address. In the case of addition, the message describes how to be removed.

Ml and mlowner are the programs that receive messages for listname and listname–owner respectively. Appropriate calls to them are inserted in the pipeto files created by mlmgr.

Ml's –r option sets the Reply–to: field in the mail sent out by ml.

/mail/box/<listname>               list's mailbox directory
/mail/box/<listname>–owner          owner's mailbox directory
/mail/box/<listname>/address–list   log of mailing list deletions and additions


aliasmail(8), faces(1), filter(1), mail(1), marshal(1), nedmail(1), qer(8), rewrite(6), send(8), smtp(8), upasfs(4)
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